SuchVibes - July 2022

:unicorn: July 2022 - whats new in w0w? :rainbow:

  • shitpost 4 free nightmares
    dsc_ fried everyones dopamine with their new wtfbbq/!dall bot that takes your imagination and turns it into worldclass™ art. A tool designed to help all wownero users understand that not even computers understand their shitposts.

  • bridge wars
    we have a new bridge setup by yt! it links our different communities together irc, xmpp, discord, and telescam. initially proposed as a tool to encourage community growth and development quickly degraded into schizophrenic shitpost wars with a growing rivalry between the ix and dt factions.

  • 24/7 w0w vibes
    scoobybejeesus added a dope feature to! Now you can see the last song played, with out reloading the history file!! <333

  • Slimey Money??
    Darknet wownero use has taken over the degenerate underworld of snailracing. A group only known as the Wownero Snail Racing Leauge(WSRL) began taking bets for their snail races in w0w. During a interview with a snail racer who kept their identity anonymous stated, “we will stop at nothing to get that w0w”. Questions of snail drug use and doping have come into play.

:seedling: funding requests that need your support :sunflower:

:pineapple: highest tipped memes this month :pineapple: