Step by step mining for a noob

Hi there,
I installed featherwallet on Linux mint and would like to start mining. I can’t seem to find a proper tutorial on how to mine directly from the wallet.
Can anyone help please?
Thank you

The best way to mine Wownero is with xmrig. You can download the software at XMRig even allows you to mine directly to the daemon, but I doubt it works with featherwallet, so you may need to have the official Wownero daemon (ie: wownerod) running. You can download the Wownero daemon software here: Releases - wownero - WowGit!

If you get confused, you can easily mine to a Wownero pool like instead of to the daemon. Download XMRig and use their “Wizard” link to setup the miner software with pool



Look at here

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