Solo Mining with XMRIG Proxy - An "Upstreams" count issue?

Hi Wownero Community,

I’ve been solo mining using a few old laptops and XMRIG PROXY. With energy prices going through the roof, I’m having to pause my miner during peak-rate periods and resume during off-peak so I don’t go broke.

I’m using the following Linux Shell Command to pause XMRIG-PROXY with CRONTAB:

killall -STOP xmrig-proxy

and then I use this command to resume mining

killall -CONT xmrig-proxy

What I’ve noticed is the “Upstreams” count in XMRIG PROXY increments every time this pair of command are run.

Is this going to be an issue that impacts mining effectiveness and load on the proxy machine?

Is there a better set of commands that I should use with CRONTAB to pause / resume mining at certain hours of the day?