Solo mining problems

Hello, I’m a noob trying to solo mine on multiple machines. On my windows machine, wownerod appears to run fine but it causes half of my keyboard to become unusable. On my linux mint machine, I can sync with the network and “start” mining, but my hashrate status is 0 Hsh/s and the process is killed after a few seconds. Any ideas? Thx

Hi ymmot

It sounds like it could be that the mining process is taking up too much of your CPU for the processor to also handle your keyboard’s firmware. I have found that at the high end, the mining software causes issues with using the PC at the same time for other tasks. One thing I can recommend is reducing the number of threads you dedicate to mining.
To reduce the number of threads dedicated to mining you need to edit the mining threads value in the command used by wownerod.

wownerod.exe --start-mining YOUR-ADDRESS --spendkey SECRET-SPENDKEY --mining-threads NUMBER

If the problem persists then it could be to do with your keyboard, CPU interaction and there’s nothing to be done.

Regarding this on your Linux miner; that is, in my experience, a symptom of bad syntax. Try combing through the command and triple checking the grammar including spaces and hyphens. It sounds like you’re halfway there if wownerod us syncing.

Good luck!

Thanks for the replies guys. I got my windows machine up and running, working on my Linux machine now. I am noticing that just above the line that says “you are now synchronized with the network…”
the date and time are brown instead of teal and there is a “W” instead of an “I” like all of the other lines. The message says “Unable to send transaction(s). no available connections”. There is definitely an internet connection and the client says that it is synced with the network so not sure what it is not connected to…

Not sure about the “W instead of an I” - perhaps you could upload a screenshot of c&p the log?
One suggestion it could be to do with the firewall on your linux machine, Ubuntu comes with ufw for example. I don’t think the colour of the text matters though.

“No available connections”… Could it be you are using an older version of the miner than other people on the network?

Good Luck


I have been successful in getting some other old laptops up and running as wownero miners while running linux mint, but still can’t get my laptop that I originally posted about to mine. I uploaded the message that I’m getting…“Unable to send transactions…no available connections”. The version I’m using is the same that I have made work on other computers so I don’t think the version is the problem. Went into firewall settings and changed a few things…still nothing. It might just be this cheap laptop I’m using. If I can’t get it up and running as a miner it won’t be the end of the world since I’ve gotten a few other beater laptops upand running as wow miners. Anyway, thanks again for any guidance