Solo Mining on a VPS! [The Junkier way]

So with the latest Junkie Jeff update, the difficulty went down fruitfully.
With the latest wownerod, Mining is integrated into it. But as in XMRig, Wownerod do have a --detach flag but we are going to do it in a more traditional way [you know… the things we do when we don’t read manual]. So here is a quick tip to Background Mine on any Linux based VPS!

Stappy sneps [Snappy Steps]

  • Install Tmux , For Ubuntu/Debian
sudo apt-get install tmux
  • Start a new named session
tmux new -s wow-session
sudo apt install xz-utils
  • Untar the file
tar -xvf linux-5.6.13.tar.xz
  • chmod for making file executables.
sudo chmod +x ./`the extracted folder`
  • Put your spend key and Wownero main address in the miner.conf follow this guide for a detailed explanation

  • Type sudo ./wownerod --config-file=miner.conf and you’re good to go!

  • At last detach from the session with, “CTRL+b” and then “d”

Keep those wowies coming!

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if you want to run wownerod in the background, add ---detach flag

also to run wownerod with miner.conf, you need to add this flag: --config-file=miner.conf

Note most VPS providers don’t like it when you mine :smiley:

Updated, and changed the concept :slight_smile: Thanks!

Use, Xmrig with tor node perhaps?

also, sad-admin will become happy-admin when she finds your miner and empties out the wallet.

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xmrig-proxy to avoid that :slight_smile:

xmrig-proxy runs with wownerod as a server for miners on other computers and AFAIK, you need to add the spend-secret-key to the config.json file

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Yes, I can confirm this.

There is no CLI flag for the spend key.

Even if there was, an admin with sufficient logs would be able to see it anyway…

It’s always better to run your own hardware for mining.

But that’s just my opinion lol

Oh I meant that VPS providers don’t like it when you constantly do 100% on their virtual CPU because you’re most likely sharing that box with other people, who are affected by that load. That’s why hosting providers ban crypto mining.


yea but if you run xmrig-proxy in other server there is no issue