Solo miners alliance network


interesting idea. basically, solo miners publicize their IP address to other solo miners to ensure connection is maintained and blocks are more efficiently broadcast to the network. Pools normally do to help mitigate the risk of orphaned blocks.

For wownero, this idea could be applicable against potential botnets. Let’s get the ball rolling and set up a Tor/i2p mining node and share your address below

Miners, add your fellow solo miner Tor/i2p addresses as a priority-node in “miner.conf” file. The file should look something like this:


Or you could add a node with --add-peer=TORADDRESS.onion:PORT if running wownerod with flags from command line.

I’ll add addresses as priority nodes in the public nodes I run and if your node has good uptime, I’ll hard code your Tor/i2p address into wownerod itself for the next release.

besides better connectivity for broadcasting mined blocks, we also increase the number of Tor/i2p nodes.

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Shouldn’t these be port 34566 instead of 34568, since we’re connecting to the P2P port instead of RPC?

yes, that is correct, port 34566 is for P2P, and 34568 is for RPC


should work too… edited the file above

I’ll add the nodes here for the next release, so ensure port 34566 is open

Will these nodes help with the un scanned blocks while syncing Wonerujo?

no. Wonerujo just needs to get updated. Remember devs are working for free and they do stuff whenever they feel like it.

wonerujo developer is not very optimistic about current wownero API

donate some WOW to wonerujo developer to show our support

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Hi @wowario, sorry for another newbie question, I’m not sure what’s the difference between P2P and RPC in terms of Wownero. Can you please demystify this for newbies like me?

I am a huge supporter of this project. I’m jumping in to the deep end by setting up a Ubuntu PC running my 1st ever Full Node with i2p/Tor. I used this excellent Step-by-Step guide crafted by @qvqc - How to setup a Full Node with Tor/i2p

After a lot of comments back-n-forth with @qvqc (who has been super responsive), I’ve finally got my Full Node running with i2p/Tor. Now onto this next step to help the network… adding my Full Node as a peer.

So when you say:

Are referring to my port forwarding setting on my router’s firewall.

If that’s correct, did you want both inbound UDP & TCP protocols forwarded via port 34566 to my full node?

Thanks for creating this Solo Miners Alliance Network. I want to do my part to help strengthen this network from botnets attacks and support this project. I have a question on the following…

When you get a chance, can you please provide the configuration settings for us folks mining with XMrig Proxy?

I have several PCs mining WOW via XMrig Proxy. Will the peer list need to exist in each miner’s config or just on the machine running XMrig Proxy?

In that case, the peer list goes in your wownerod.conf–that is, the config file of the daemon your xmrig-proxy is connected to.

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A WOWified (poor man’s) Bitcoin FIBRE :smiley:

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Bouncing our packets through randomly-selected Tor/I2P nodes sounds like the exact opposite of FIBRE :rofl:

Hmm… that’s an idea. Has anyone tried using public Tor nodes to map out optimal paths through the Internet? :smiley: