Restore pool mining and add 6-month block lock

Let’s think about this for a second is there a solution to mining pools that works that we can implement like p2p pool we do that shit first make it ubiquitous but if not our edge is simple, beautiful and functional and arguably more elegant. The idea of getting fractional amounts incentivized more users to mine true ( nobody likes to wait ) but the counter is we have fewer miners dumping into the market more dedicated users ( I’ve never sold a Wow, my computers mine day and night and I imagine most of you here are in quite the same boat ). The simple truth is we are not running a money printing scheme we actually want adoption by people who know what they are mining and who intend to use it not a bunch of people who don’t know what they are mining and sell it off into BTC at the first chance. There might be a middle ground solution for fractionalizing solo miners coins to get smaller miners a way to participate quickly and dependably but as it stands going back to pools to me sounds reckless and naive.

We could literally rig up a multiminer that dumps into WoWnero put that shit on the WoWnero site a big fucking finger that points to it :point_right: tired of waiting?? :point_right: Computer too slow?? here’s the impatient miner then we exploit pool mined coins for the benefit of non pool mined coins! With the impatient multiminer you get less WoW over time but more over shorter periods of time for those with less computing power or patience. It puts the advantage back into Wowneros court with Solo mining, pumps the fuck out of WoW and gives your broke ass friends a way to play with their shitty laptop, gives Chinese bot net miners a way to play without dumping the value of our coin and let’s all sleep at night knowing we solved the problem. I’ll be the first to donate to the Impatient Broke Ass Multiminer project.

Something like:
User inserts WoWnero address :point_right: GitHub - tpruvot/cpuminer-multi: crypto cpuminer (linux + windows) :point_right: convert to Bitcoin using Bot point :point_right: once some minimum amount of Bitcoin is reached :point_right: tradeogre converts WoWnero on tradeogre using API :point_right: API withdraws said fixed amount to users inserted WoWnero address :point_right: Users “Feel” like their mining on a WoWnero pool

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Thanks @liminality for the comment above.

I have been mining WOW for nearly 2 years and I still :heart: when I WIN a reward. I also proudly mine it because CPU only + Solo-only mining is something very unique to only Wownero. This is what sets this project apart from all other privacy coins out there.

If Wownero shifts back to Pool mining, IMO, I feel it will lose one of it’s unique value propositions.

However I do like the comment above… If there was a higher difficulty threshold for miners connected to a Pool (I.E. APY was 50-75% lower than solo-mining) then I think I’d prefer that solution. As this would give the community the ability to convert those folks mining on the pool to solo-mining as it would be more profitable in the longer term.