Question about Receiving address

This is for the Wowlet wallet: I just bought wow on tradeogre and want to put it into my wowlet. I went to the “Receive” tab and there are 10 addresses listed, and each one starts with “WW”.

Which one is the address that I deposit into and use?

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Any of them. They are called “sub-addresses”.

To protect your privacy, ideally you should use a new sub-address for each transaction.


Ok, thank you. I will try my first deposit and see how it goes. Any chance that there could be a tutorial or manual anytime soon? Noobs like me, would support this stronger. Much strong support.

Not yet, soon. But you can check out Monero tutorials. Wownero and Monero are generally similar.

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Thanks much for this thread.

So…I specially went out and bought an Android phone today to downlown Wonerujo wallet so I can take my WOW’s off of TradeO.

I tested a small amount and TradeO says successful, however…how and when am I supposed to see them in my wallet?

(total noob, so…please bare with me :-/ )

Thank you mucho in advance!

Your wallet needs to synchronize. It should appear eventually.
Did you download the wallet from F-Droid? The one from Google Play seems to be an outdated version.


Yes, I did download from F-Droid. I followed all the updated steps on the forum here.

Maybe I should leave the wallet open to sync?

Also, when sending from TradeOgre to my wallet’s subaddress, is it necessary that I put the amount?

When my gf moved hers, she sent a lil more than 1,000 coins but never put the amount.

When I sent mine, I did put an amount (seeing that the limit was 1,000 coins). Wondering if my gf lost hers… :confused: lol

Thanks for the reply

Yes. If you want to send your Wownero from TO to your wallet, you have the put your address in there and the amount you want to withdraw. Your wallet is just the receiver.

My transaction was succesful from trade ogre but ai cannot see the funds in my wownurejo wallet. It doesnt give options to see any funds only to receive. I used a 4th subaddress but didnt use any addresses before that as i was just playing around with the wallett. Any ideas on how to see, recover the funds?

Wownurejo” from Google app store is no longer maintained. Make sure you are using latest version of “Wonerujo” from F-droid repo.

How to install Wonerujo

i installed thru the f droid repo. What can i send or verify with to figure out my problem. Do I have to run that cyber wow node? Im new at this, i received from address provided in my wallet on wowjenro but how do you see your funds? TO sent it in minutes

no, you do not need cyber wow (it is a local node, but it is out of date). you should connect to a remote node automatically, it might take some time to sync. once it is “synced” to the network, you should be able to see your funds.

Ok maybe i was unaware it would take that long. it just started syncing and stuck 279k plus blocks for 20 minutes. this going to take a week? Thanks lot you guys are awesome.

Spoke too soon, seems like it finished syncing but i wont let me enter, file says try another node…

Sorry to bother again. Wheb i tap on my wallet it wint let me enter. I can enter details and to receive. I was avle to enter once i believe and it looked like it was syncing and then i backed out of the page. I still cant see my funds. Any suggestions? Is it a syncing thing?

If I archive and recover the wallet with the seed words, do you think I will have a better chance of accesimg wow funds? I cant access still.

it should be straight forward. if your using the version from the official repo as described here, syncing should be quick and painless

you may want to open an issue with the android developers here