Problem sending wownero

Hello, I’m trying to send wownero from the wallet but it’s already 8 hours ago and it’s still pending. No confirmations.
Message: waiting for transaction to leave txpool.

Which wallet are you using? And can you share the transaction id?

Wownero version: v0.8.0.0-4-gc3e70dffc
Transaction id: 8e3532730c1d7f9eead3bb07e46cb175b7bbfa7d263c9dc8a789752d4815894a
Message: Waiting for transaction to leave txpool.

Hello, I have the same problem with the same wallet version. I am not able to sync the current height, i.e. the wallet shows that it is synchronized but doesn’t match to the current height in the blockchain explorer even after restarting.

update on current release, v0.9.2.2

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That’s a different wallet than mine.

I’ve succeeded in transferring the coins to another Wownero wallet. Then I transferred them to a trading platform which requires 150(!) confirmations. Is this normal?

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Yes, TradeOgre requires many confirmations. Looks like they actually just increased it due to the huge pump. Exchanges can set whatever confirmation number they want and we just gotta deal with it! You could always do a quick swap on and deposit XMR as it’s much faster to confirm, but take that with a grain of salt because I run said service and charge a fee.

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wow great going tradeogre (jerks). I tried sending a small amt of WOW for a rare sell (I never sell anything I hodl) in attempt to get some good profit to reinvest when it goes back down and here I am - I just calculated at the rate of my first 4 conf. It’ll take another 10.6 hours to deposit on TO. Jack… arses.

BTW this is sarcasm anger. Even if it goes down it will go up again and beyond this. I still don’t get the reason for these pumps, but I do love the project. Problem is I can’t say its just the development and uniqueness that make the price of the project rise - because Im a dev with Devcoin - the 3rd alt ever, the most unique and alike genesis block (0) to Bitcoin’s genesis block - go look for it lol… and 10 years of consistent community and dev interaction with development rolled out consistently over time. Never abandoned. Highest difficulty rating day by day to Bitcoin but price remains 1 satoshi bc its spot price on FreiExchange is just that. Wownero is a fav of mine tho - I donated to it thru the feather wallet I quite like that ability rather than copy and pacing an address :slight_smile:

I used Neroswap to buy/swap for my first Wownero! Much thanks for the service :slight_smile: