POLL: Should the block reward lock time be reduced?

Currently, when a miner finds a block their reward is locked up for a random time between 1 day (288 blocks) and ~29 days (8478 blocks).

It works as a nice mechanism to stop profit switching pools from immediately dumping their coins, but maybe a month is a little excessive.

Should this be reduced?

What is the maximum time that mining rewards should be locked up for?
  • 1 month (unchanged)
  • 2 weeks

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(see also: Should we increase coinbase unlock time to discourage profit switching pools?)


Why no option to increase to 1 year?

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Because all of the shibes would starve to death if you did that to them :frowning:

I’d like to vote for 3 weeks because wownero, but I cannot find such option?

This is the first time bomb-on has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

your opinion is bad and you should feel bad!!!

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Oi! So rude :’(

also now is second time

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@wowario let it b known!

.soon okey doke, will update in new fork

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