OnlyWows WFS idea

I know we’ve joked about it in IRC but if there’s actual interest I will put up a WFS for an MVP. It sounds like a fun thing to build. I’d do it hella dirt cheap since it’s a BS side project…fi-dolla…($5/hour). It’d be a way lighter version of the real OnlyFans except much more crypto-er (private).

If you don’t know what OnlyFans is, it’s a site where chicks (and maybe dudes) show tits-n-ass (and maybe dicks) for their thirsty (and desperate) fanbase. I haven’t used it but I get the gist. Instead of a monthly payment it would be something else…like pay-per-pic/vid. No streaming for v1, just uploaded content that was only accessible to those that paid WOW (and/or maybe XMR).


As a devout Catholic from the Church of luke-jr I’d much rather watch videos of people’s pets, but I heard all of the Moronero people love to c slags so maybe this would draw some of them into WOW.

very believable and very cool!

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Shelving this one for now. I may do it as a legit side-project later on but will probably be Monero-focused.