New to Wow Nero!

Hello everyone, I have recently downloaded the Desktop Wallet and deposited WN, all was as it should be. I tried to open the wallet today and it would not load properly and said I was missing wallet keys??, so I used my seed phrase to open it, which worked, but the wallet did not connect properly to the server - it said it was connecting, it therefore did not show the wallet balance? Is this normal? Is it due to my anti virus system blocking it?
Also what does “create wallet view mean” I selected this inadvertently and my original wallet name disappeared? Can this be reversed?
I was wondering what I should do? Would it be advisable to delete the current wallet app and reinstall it again? Would it sort it all out, and reset it back to its original state? Would I be able to use my existing wallet password and phrase?
Any “simple” advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance :star:

make sure you are using the most current version wowlet v0.2.0 - downlaod here

wowlet is looking for the keys files, may have specified them in a non-standard directory. they look like walletfilename and walletfilename.key, normally under wownero/ directory

wowlet will not show coins until synced

if there is a very restrictive firewall / antivirus it could keep wowlet from connecting

if on current version and can get wowlet into state ‘connected’ keys should load with out issue

Thank you for your help, much appreciated. I will try and switch off the Anti virus and see if the wallet will load,

What does it mean when it say Create a Wallet only view? As I pressed that inadvertently and my wallet name disappeared?

If I downloaded the software again, would I loss the current wallet status?

Thank you once again, I will look it again at the weekend. :+1:

a view only wallet is one that can not spend coins. if u created a view only wallet and u want to switch back to a spending wallet, u need to close the view wallet and open the wallet with out view only turned on

Thank you for your guidance, but how do I turn the create view wallet off? Apologies for asking, but I am new to this process. Again Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you again :blush:

in wowlet click file menu > close current wallet

then restore wallet from seed and do not select any view only options