New block explorer!

I’m trying to learn Rust and spent some time refactoring an old Monero project I was working on and transforming it to Wownero. It’s just a simple little stateless web app that consumes the JSON RPC interface of a Wownero daemon; you can search and pull info from transactions, blocks, and generate QR codes for addresses.

I’ve currently got it hosted here if you want to see it:

The source code is available here:

Try it out and tell me what you think!


such wow, much rust!

Looks really nice, naisuu

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I’ve updated the URL to - will setup a redirect on that old DNS name for a while.

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@lza_menace Things like the version and number of connections, you can now make 2 RPC ports in Wownerod. One for the world to use with restricted mode enabled, and another without restricted mode to scrape all of those joocy stats. See --rpc-bind-port and --rpc-restricted-bind-port in the --help.

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no kidding, that’s what I needed - ty!

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