My Wowlet won't let me send

I hadn’t opened my Wowlet for quite a while until yesterday. I can see my coins, no problem but it says syncing wallet 14203 blocks to process. After 6 hours it had completed none. If I try to send, it comes back with an error. Basically, I can do bugger all with it.

Question: this PC is quite old. If I delete the wallet and get my partner to install Wowlet on her new PC with my seed phrase, is that likely to be the quickest way to get hold of my coins and move them around?

What version of wowlet are you running?

Hi, it’s…


That’s your problem you need the new version of wowlet. You may need to restore as well.

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Ok, thanks. Is it a simple case of just deleting the Wowlet file from the folder and replacing it with the latest download?
By ‘restore’ do you mean that I’ll have to wait for the blockchain to update on it? I had to do that with my Pirate wallet, it took 3 days.

Job done. Just replaced the old file with the new one and ran it. Updated in about 10 seconds.


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