My balance in the feather shows 0

Hi all, I hope you can help me here.

A month ago in March I bought some WOW, downloaded the feather wallet and successfully transferred my coins into the wallet. Everything honkey dorey.

Now when I go back into my feather wallet, my balance shows 0. I tried opening the wallet file, restoring from wallet seed – nothing works… still 0! Trying not to panic, does anyone have any similar experiences or knows how to rectify this?

Thanks so much!!

feather is out of date, use wowlet

Thank you for your help… my wow is here :slight_smile:


I use Wowlet and don’t see my balance in euros either. For some reason, it also can’t change back to USD.

Visual bug maybe?

Yes, it’s a bug. I’m working on a new version currently. It will fix the fiat conversions, and other things. Will ping here when it is released (hopefully today or tomorrow)

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Awesome, keep it up!

New release binaries for Linux and Windows available: Releases - wowlet - WowGit!

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Perfect! Thanks for your work, donation sent.

Hmm, seems like the bug is still present.

It was showing my balance in USD perfectly, but when I switched to EUR nothing changed. When I restarted the program it showed EUR with no balance. When I try to change it back to USD, I keep seeing EUR with no balance.

I just tested it, no issues. Could you kindly paste Help -> Debug Info info for me?

WOWlet version: beta-2-c50a34152  
Wownero version: v0.9.0.2-f611d5c9e  
Wallet height: 308035  
Daemon height: 308035  
Target height: 308034  
Restore height: 305657  
Synchronized: True  
Remote node:  
Wallet status: Connected  
Tor status: Running  
Websocket status: Connected  
Network type: MAINNET  
Seed type: 25 word  
View only: False  
Primary only: True 
Operating system: Solus 4.2 Fortitude  
Timestamp: 1618499036

Weird, it does work now.

Ok, let me know when it stops working again. Also thanks for your donation!

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Maybe it was a cache issue or something? I didn’t delete anything, just overwritten the file.

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