Missing file on github for Linux Wowlet v0.2.0.0


The file wowlet.desktop is missing from github on the Wowlet v0.2.0.0 Linux manual installation section.

Thanks, links have been fixed.

Excellent. That was quick. Thanks.

Do we have to rename the file from org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop to wowlet.desktop since the instructions ask us to copy wowlet.desktop to /usr/share/applications?

no, you do not need to rename… just copy “org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop” file to /usr/share/applications

Ok. Thanks for the precision.

Hi, I followed all the steps as per the linux manual install instructions and even restarted the pc but can’t find wowlet in the start menu. When I try to launch it from within the applications folder (usr/share/applications), I get an error message “there an error launching the application”. I’m on Linux Mint. Your help is appreciated

Try to run the program from your home directory, see if that works.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand how I can run it from my home directory

Might be a permission issue, or maybe the wowlet.desktop shortcut isn´t correct. Did you download and unzip the binary to the bin folder? (/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, or ~/.local/bin).

If so, try to run it directly from there.

Yes I did all that and changed permissions to allow copying of files into the file system usr/bin and usr/share and usr/applications. Can’t get it to work

  • “wowlet” binary goes here: /usr/local/bin
  • “org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop” file goes here: /usr/share/applications
  • “wowlet.png” goes here: /usr/share/pixmaps
  • log out and log back in, wowlet should appear in the menu

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. downloaded wowlet-v0.2.0.0.zip to my download folder
  2. Unzipped wowlet-v0.2.0.0.zip in my download folder and obtained “wowlet” folder. (is this what you call binary?).
  3. I moved the “wowlet” folder to /usr/bin (in the 2nd attempt I moved to it to /usr/loca/bin)
  4. I downloaded * “org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop” and put it in /usr/share/applications
  5. I downloaded “wowlet.png” and put it in /usr/share/pixmaps
    I logged out / back in > no wowlet in the menu. I retarted the pc > same. I tried launching org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop directly from within /usr/share/applications

Error launching the application.
Am I doing anything wrong?

It shouldn’t unzip into a folder. This is probably due to the specifics of the program you’re using for extraction. You should move the executable file to /usr/bin. There is a wowlet executable inside your extracted folder, move that so the path to the executable file becomes /usr/bin/wowlet.

Here is how to do it from the terminal:

$ sudo rm -rf /usr/bin/wowlet
$ sudo apt install -y unzip
$ mkdir /tmp/wowlet                              
$ pushd /tmp/wowlet
$ wget https://git.wownero.com/attachments/e3c2eae7-c6c0-4371-8d83-6a4e8851cdad
$ unzip e3c2eae7-c6c0-4371-8d83-6a4e8851cdad 
$ sudo mv wowlet /usr/bin/
$ popd
$ wowlet --version
$ whereis wowlet

I used the right click extract here from the context menu. The wowlet folder i get contains a bunch of folders and files

I will try the terminal procedure.
Thank you

Looks like you downloaded the source code instead. The release binary can be found here: Releases - wowlet - WowGit!

I get stuck when trying to move wowlet to /usr/bin using

$ sudo mv wowlet /usr/bin/
Looks like I should be in the tmp folder, not inside wowlet?

Sorry, I’m not an expert.

I don’t see this line:

$ unzip e3c2eae7-c6c0-4371-8d83-6a4e8851cdad 

Yes sorry, looks like I skipped that part. Done now. Should I log off/in to find it in the menu?

You can now type wowlet from the terminal to start the application. Is it showing in your menu as well?