Mining ⛏️

Another options for mining

download XMRig v6.2.2+

Example start.cmd

@echo off
xmrig.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a rx/wow -k 

Install XMRig v6.2.2+ with these commands.
sudo apt-get install git build-essential cmake libuv1-dev libssl-dev libhwloc-dev
git clone
mkdir xmrig/build && cd xmrig/build
cmake …
make -j$(nproc)

xmrig will now be located in /home/youruser/xmrig/build/bin
then start mining

./xmrig --donate-level 1 -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a rx/wow -k 

Brand new to all of this and want to start mining. What should I be looking for when building my PC for this purpose? I have a couple of old PC laying g around but have outdated operating systems on them and run extremely slow . Hell I don’t even know if they turn on anymore lol I have become too dependent on my phone in recent years

I’m in the same spot bud. DM for memes and we can help each other if no one else replies in time hahahaha

revive an old machine xubuntu pretty light and user easy. xmrig just one step past that. even if it wont hash good u keep ur tendies warm


If you’re building a new PC, you want a shiny new Ryzen processor (like a 3900X) and some fast low latency RAM. You can definitely try it out on your old PC, but don’t expect much.

Hello :slight_smile:
Now I got that of course.
Now situated in Central Europe - is it important to choose a local Mining Pool.
And mining with a 4 or 6 cores workstation - do you recommend mining on a pool or alone?

Thanks a lot so far.

Great. Got that.

Now on the hasvault pro POOL they offer German hosts, labeled with a “Starting Diffculty”, let’s say “60 000”. I choose a higher midle or lower rate?
What does it mean?

Thx again!

Hello Again,

now I am looking for some little tweaks how to optimize my mining processes a bit.

  • DO I need to do anything on my machine to enable hugepages (other than setting it true in the config?)
  • Do I need to upgrade RAM, having 16GB?
  • I choose a lightweight OS like alpine linux, or maybe funtoo. Does it matter actually??

Hey, I’m curious how you your mining and what machines you re using/recommending.

All the best,
Hope XMR and its friends is going up a lot!


It’s the difficulty of the first jobs when you join the pool. It doesn’t matter because the pool will automatically adjust the difficulty after you’ve started mining.

Also the difficulty (of jobs from the pool) doesn’t affect your payout in any way, just how often you send messages to the pool.

It depends on the CPU. If you run XMRig as root it can decide on other tweaks too, such as disabling the instruction prefetcher.

Capacity isn’t important, so long as you have at least 2G per NUMA node (+ a little more per thread, and for overhead of operating system etc.). Speed and latency is important though, if you’re chasing high performance.

No it doesn’t matter at all :slight_smile:

imo new Ryzen machines with fast memory are the way to go.

No it doesn’t matter at all :slight_smile:

DAMN! But it’s fun going lightweight! ^^

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for this helpful Tipp, Herominers. Now there seems to be another pool that you are suggesting…

I have got a question in general about mining. Amateur mining. At least that’s what I have to call myself regarding my earnings…

now, with my workstation PC I get the results as in the picture. Now I don’t understand this CURRENT EFFORT value. When my Machine is not working to capacity, is it usful to have it mining on two pools at the same time?
Or what to do with the stats as shown in the picture? I’m at

Mr Bo


Plus, who is better off mining SOLO?

Sort of interested in the difference between RandomX and RandomWOW hashrates. My Intel CPUs have almost a 50% higher rate with RandomWOW (4690k cpu) vs my Ryzen 7 only bumps up 5% (3950x cpu). Any ideas why Intel CPUs have such a huge bonus on RandomX?

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RandomX needs 2M of L3 cache per mining thread to run quickly. Your 4690K has 6M of L3 cache and 4 threads, so when mining with RandomX it can only use three threads before things start falling out of the cache. (Although I suppose that doesn’t explain why the difference is 50% and not 25% :stuck_out_tongue:)

Your 3950X can already mine with all 32 threads on RandomX since it has 64M of L3 cache. The lesser requirements of RandomX aren’t really helping it out since it wasn’t bottlenecked by cache.

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What’s the “Current Effort” value then? :slight_smile:

It is expected (but far from guaranteed) that the pool will find a block before it reaches 100% effort. It’s not too meaningful and you might as well ignore it.

Hi - it’s me again.
I’m making progress :wink:

Question: Why is HUGEpages 1 Gig not available?
How do I set the value correct?

My output:

sysctl -a | grep hugep
sysctl: error reading key ‘net.ipv6.conf.all.stable_secret’: I/O error
sysctl: error reading key ‘net.ipv6.conf.default.stable_secret’: I/O error
sysctl: error reading key ‘net.ipv6.conf.eth0.stable_secret’: I/O error
sysctl: error reading key ‘net.ipv6.conf.lo.stable_secret’: I/O error
vm.nr_hugepages = 2349
vm.nr_hugepages_mempolicy = 2349
vm.nr_overcommit_hugepages = 0

*** and in xmrig ***

ABOUT XMRig/6.7.0 gcc/9.3.0

  • LIBS libuv/1.38.1 OpenSSL/1.1.1i hwloc/2.2.0
  • HUGE PAGES supported
  • 1GB PAGES unavailable
  • CPU Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1280 V2 @ 3.60GHz (1) 64-bit AES
    L2:1.0 MB L3:8.0 MB 4C/8T NUMA:1
  • MEMORY 3.2/15.6 GB (21%)
  • DONATE 1%
  • ASSEMBLY auto:intel
  • POOL #1 algo auto
  • COMMANDS hashrate, pause, resume, results, connection
  • OPENCL disabled
  • CUDA disabled
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Be aware that 1GB pages is only 1-2% increase in hashrate

alright. Thanks Nicolas - it’s overated, so to say haha

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Hi noob here i like your coin and have been mining with srbminer but want to use xmrig ive sorted the config and got it running but its saying to activate msr mod and ive gone round in circles for 2 days trying some things people said online but cant get it activated? any help appreciated and thanks in advance,