Mining and pools, need some good advice

So, I think I’m starting to understand why people are joining big pools like

I’m fairly new to mining, started this year. First with Nicehash(Bitcoin) and now that I’ve fully switched back to Linux again, with Xmrig. I’m also mining some Ethereum with my graphics card.

I started mining Monero for a month at, and earned around 0.1 $XMR. Then I tried, just using my laptop(1KH/s), and already earned around 4 $WOW in two days.

Because of the decentralization issue, I decided to start mining at I’ve been mining for almost 10 days straight now with all my rigs(15-20KH/s), and haven’t earned anything so far. On their website, it says it found a block 18 hours ago and it looks like there’s a pending payment of less than 4 $WOW.

Maybe I’m missing something, I’m not entirely sure how everything works, but this doesn’t motivate at all, to join a small mining pool.

To give a better picture: 2 days mining with 1KH/s: 4 $WOW earned 10 days mining with 15-20KH/s: Nothing earned yet, probably less than 4 $WOW soon?

Should I try a different pool instead? Or is it worth it to just solo mine?

Maybe someone can give me some good advice.

difficulty has gone up with the recent price rise, so it is getting harder for smaller pools to find blocks. Your hashes still count and when the pool finds a block, you’ll receive in proportion to the accepted hashes.

Also, another issue, the big pools are running a ponzi scheme. They are paying miners today with blocks that were mined up to one month in the past. Wownero has dynamic unlock times for mined blocks. This is done to undermine the economic viability of profit switching pools since miners/pools would have no idea what the price will be in the future. The price can go up, it can go down, so it is pointless to try to game the difficulty vs price today. When pools front load payments to miners , they are taking a risk of price fluctuations. Some pools do not want to take this risk, so they pay miners when the blocks are actually unlocked (which can be between 1-30 days ). In the long term, miners are better off mining on dedicated pools that stay on the network.

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Thanks, this makes a little more sense now.

So, as far as I understand is that some mining pools just give you a reward from blocks mined in the past and some pools give you the reward from the blocks currently found?

correct, blocks currently found (and unlocked, which can be randomly 1-30 days)

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So, isn’t it a better idea to solo mine?

I mean, I’ve been submitting my hashes to for 10 days now and the pool only has like 12 members there. So maybe I can find a block myself in 30 days or something?

Or am I too optimistic now? :crazy_face:

The estimated time to find a block with 20.00 kh/s at diff 8.62e+10 is 49.88 days. On average you will earn 2.62 WOW per day

solo mining is a lottery. you can find a block in 1 minute or 50 days. at least mining with a pool, payouts are little more consistent and your accepted hashes aren’t “wasted” if you stop mining and start again later.

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Ah, it could also be related to that then… Only, how is it possible I’m getting around the 15-20k hashrate on and only 5k hashrate on now? Or maybe it isn’t displayed properly?

Also, who determines the level of difficulty? Or does that go through some sort of algorithm?

Much questsion, looking for answers

the hash you see in xmrig is your hash rate. the pool might be just an estimate.

the network does. there is an algorithm that takes account the target time of 5 minutes per block. difficulty goes up or down depending the amount of hash power is on the network.

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