Minimum RAM for Monerujo?

After installing Monerujo on an Android phone, the app always stops as soon as i try to create a wallet. Is this a memory issue? If so, what is the app’s minimum requirement? Please advise, and thanks!

any modern mobile with standard RAM should be able to handle it.

make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Windows 7 or 10 is ok for windows

No. Monerujo/Wonerujo are mobile apps. For Windows, try Wowlet

Perfecto. Installing tomorrow

I got it to work. The wow I sent to wowneruju I can now see in wowlet…Bravo!!!. So I logged out and reentered and the system is not accepting my password. I wrote it down. If the system still does not recognize it should I

you can make a new wallet with your 25 word seed and set a new password.

WOW it worked. :blush: :+1: