Is wownero solo mining only?

If this is true then this is the most censorship resistant coin.
How does it do it?

btw if it’s not can you guys recommend a pool? I’ve been mining for days without finding a block.

yes solo-mining only

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Hi @bucker , Welcome to the community!

Thanks for taking the time to setup your solo miner. I have several old laptops I’m using to solo mine and yes it does take time to mine some WOW. I know exactly how you are feeling.

When I first got setup solo mining (with the amazing help of community members such as - @wowario @MesMersie @jrswab @qvqc and others) I was exactly like you, just waiting and waiting … over 2 weeks passed, still nothing. But then on the 3rd week - BOOM - believe you me once you win a block the feelin’ is amazing - How to Solo Mine - #74 by wow4reedom

I’m not saying it will take 3 weeks for you, as its random luck. Just keep on spinning that wheel (mining and trying your luck in winning a block reward) as you are helping to secure one of the most decentralized, monero-like coins in the crypto space with an awesome community.