Is there any reason for the Developer team to stay anonymous?

If you go down to the official website:

You could see the board of Developer/Advisers team members. All of these are avatars and Nicknames. No real photos, no real names.

Is there a specific reason or reason that the developers chose to stay anonymous?

Wouldn’t the project seem to be more trustworthy for the general potential audience if all of the Developer/Advisers team members had real identities?

Wouldn’t it help to promote the project as more transparent?

Most of the people working on Wownero, including myself, are not anonymous. It is fairly easy to obtain our details, however that does not mean I think it is necessary for my name to directly show up on the website. Unlike other cryptocurrency projects Wownero does not try too hard to sell what it has to offer.


bitcoin cannot be trusted, its creator is anonymous

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WOW is a crypto currency with memes and privacy at its core. It seems logical that the devs live to some extent by the philosophy of the coin. Although you might tell me that XMR founder is not anonymous.

Live by the coin, die by the coin.