Is the hash rate normal?

You know me so well you got me. I’m only happy on those days that I find a Wownero block. That’s exactly what I meant when I said you’d be happy when you found a block.

You do not know happiness until you find a WOW block people. It’s a great feeling.


Okay, everyone is happy with what everyone can.

Yep… I know the feeling :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is an amazing community and such a fun project to be supporting.
I’ve learnt so much - I never built a solo mining rig before (always mined via a pool in the past). I also never configured a Full Node with Tor/i2p. This community has been very helpful.

SO to get a reward after a few weeks of running my solo miner was amazing!

It’s well worth the wait (speaking from personal experience) stick with it fellow Wownerians.


I was being a little sarcastic but it is still quite a WOW feeling to find a block. I would like to apologize again I do want to keep the positivity and unity here and I think you could be right there could be some large sized private pools arising and it’s something we should try to keep an eye on. I am wondering though how can we be sure when the hash rate is all unknown with this being a privacy coin. I feel like we’re largely in the dark and for me having excess difficulty in finding a block over the short term isn’t really enough proof to say the network is taken over by large pools (even if that is the case).

Variations of 20/40 MH / s in just a few days gives the feeling that there are large groups present

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I agree I did see that quick spike to 120 mh/s but since then things have been pretty quiet. The situation still may be better than pre-fork but I’m not sure we’ll see.

137 MH/s today, since the “antipool” fork, still without pools? yes of course, come on!


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