Is the hash rate normal?

Mining has become difficult. Has anyone been attacking in recent days?

It seems normal to me and I’ve been checking multiple times every day.

It is not normal since 3 days a go.

I see the hash rate did climb quickly and steadily from around 43 Mh/s to near 60 mh/s. We’ve been declining again and are now approximately 53 mh/s but what have you noticed that is abnormal?

It is not normal since 3 days a go. It is normal today, and I feel that the blockchain network is blocked, especially during the 60 Mh/s days.

Sure, until 3 days ago the profits were variable but achievable daily, for three days it coincides with an abrupt growth from 43 M to 60 M in a few hours, that seems like a pool or its equivalent, and since then the profits stopped being variable and periodic, to be zero for more than three days. It seems that the advantage of solo mining disappears again and only a privileged few monopolize the most blocks. As for me, these last few days have reminded me of some days of shortages when C3pool stole all the blocks, now I do not know who will have connected but without a doubt it is the closest thing to the scenario prior to the last fork.

Approximately 12 hours a day is extremely abnormal. I am worried that the network will be hacked, but it is obviously unsuccessful. But it may need to be checked. XHV was attacked last month.

Hi everyone,
Is there a website that shows a chart over time of the Wownero hash rate and network difficulty?
This may be helpful in this discussion as we can then look into the trend over time.

Like some of you, I too was mining on Herominers and I must admit, now that I’m solo mining, I do miss seeing stats like this :-


This freeboard is brilliant! Thanks for sharing @h0dl3r

In a few hours it has increased 15 MHs more, now reaching 76 MHs, now if there really is no difference with the situation before the fork, a shame because I do not think that most users are willing only to receive tips for memes, the mining has again been left to the profits of a few hands.

“A few hours to get to 76 mh/s”. Well it took more than a few hours to get from 70-76 so you’re hugely exaggerating. The difficulty is still far lower than pre-fork as well. If you’re not happy please go and pool mine Monero.

I am mining since before the 4th of July fork and since the fork as well, and the current scenario is very similar to the pre-fork, most of the blocks only in a few hands, there is practically no difference from the pre-fork scenario for most miners who don’t have great hashing power. Thank you, I am also mining XMR monero, for years, thank you very much for your advice and thanks for your good vibes.

That’s a nice projection you’re just so full of positive vibes here - being flat out negative with statements in regards to your profit “to be zero for more than three days.” I can fully admit I could be nicer here for that I’m sorry but it’s amusing to me that you’re gonna pretend your vibes have been positive in this thread. To complain zero profits in 3 days? I have 40 kh/s and it often takes me over 5 days to find a block but I don’t complain about it.

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Oh boy well now we have free psychological services LOL

I think you’ll be happy when you find a block just hang in there. If you even had 10 kh/s it could take you a month to find a block.

I appreciate the attack have a great day and I do hope you find a block soon.

Dude, happiness does not depend on money, go play something that entertains you and makes you feel that you have done the good deed of the day.

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You’re exactly right so you should stop worrying about the fact that you haven’t found a block lol…

I’m not worried, I just share my experience, and I’m going to continue doing whatever I want because I am free to do and you are a guy who assumes happiness linked to money, there is not much more to say. If you don’t like my comments, just don’t read them.