Implementing z-STARK in wownero

Can it be done? Do you all think it is worth it?

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ZK-STARK is currently not suitable for cryptocurrency, as its proof are much bigger than classic ZK-SNARK (it would require some kilobytes per transaction).
Monero’s privacy is strong enough for a memecoin; Wownero hasn’t got that many developers.
You might want to suggest this to Monero: it has much more developers working on it.

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For Wownero, no. We will mirror the privacy stack of Monero.

Butttt… for the new token, it is possible to open a bounty to fork Tornado Cash have a Wownero-branded dApp for private transactions on the Avalanche network.

While not reading this forum I was reading more on ZK-STARK and it seemed to be too new to implement, I don’t know of an coin which has implemented it, so I guess we will see what the verdict is a year or so after someone implements it. I do see search results going back to 2017 about it though, mentions of zcash and ethereum something or other.