How to use mobile Android wallet? Wownerujo Come and see


1,installation CyberWOW,Wownerujo from F-Droid.
Google play is not the latest version,Installation crash.
2,CyberWOw is a pruned full node for Wownero,open,Wait a long time…Update node yourself.
The remote node does not seem to be useful, download the local node.
3,Wownerouj is wallet,set password,Create a wallet, copy the seed…
Copy the seed on paper because sometimes the correct password will prompt an error.
4,Find the payment address.



wownerujo,Install the flashback,google play Download.
The wallet is installed but cannot be opened.

Should I bother trying the original version for which I’m installing the update with CyberWOW v2 now or just download the most recent Wownerujo app? Thanks. Big learning curve here.

No. These apps are out of date and no longer working.

Hmm, that’s interesting.

Just yesterday I followed the protocols of downloading Wownerujo app through F-droid app.

I have taken coins off of Tradeogre (1,000 because that is the receiving limit supposedly), however they have not shown up in my wallet yet.

I’m not sure what I need to do to see them.

My Wownerujo app when opened shows “localhost” for a Node at the top.

It also shows my wallet with its name, however my coins have yet to show up.

I’m not sure if I must create my own Node or connect to another, both of which I have no clue as what to do.

Any help would be appreciated.

Much thanks!

Wownerujo is no longer maintained. Write down your wallet’s 25 word seed.

Follow these directions How to install Wonerujo Android wallet

From “Wonerujo” you can make a new wallet from the seed of the old wallet.

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Thanks @wowario . I have read endless posts and am afraid I’m still unsure which to go with. Can you recommend a current, good wow wallet? I’m not sure I want the paper. Am I limited to the temporary desktop online one?

I appreciate the help. We all started somewhere and I’m dragging some of my buddies in with me as I learn more about this wonderful world of privacy. (They had me at privacy but add pirates and memes…how could you ask for more?) :heart_eyes:

added…I went ahead and got feather for now.

Feather-WOW is also outdated.

The easiest wallet to use is Wowlet.

Releases - wowlet - WowGit!