How to run your own Wownero RPC node on a Linux server using Ansible

Credits go to @asymptotically for creating ansible-remote-nodes

This guide will use the following Ansible project to deploy Wownero RPC on the servers that you specify.

This guide assumes that you can SSH into the root account on your deployment servers.

Step 1

Clone the project.

$ git clone
$ cd ansible-remote-node

Step 2

There is a file called inventory.ini in the directory. Edit it so it include your server(s). For example the default values are:


Change this into:


Step 3

Install and activate a python3 virtualenv

$ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
$ source venv/bin/activate

Step 4

Deploy the Wownero daemon to your server(s).

$ ansible-playbook -i inventory.ini site.yaml

Step 5

Check that Wownerod is running on the remote server by visiting:

Was just about to start with this, thanks!

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Hmm, got some Raspberry Pi’s here. Might run a node on one of them and then maybe get a cool case for it, like this one(just came across this post). Or maybe design my own case instead. :thinking: