How to run v0.9 Testnet

  1. Download bianaries from
  2. Untar package and change to directory where the binaries were extracted to
  3. Run ./wownerod --testnet
  4. Wait a couple minutes to sync up and then open new tab
  5. Run ./wownero-wallet-cli --testnet and create new wallet
  6. You could also restore the wallet bellow that already has a balance. Run ./wownero-wallet-cli --testnet --restore-from-seed and copypasta the seed.

Seed: fixate pelican ivory were twang yoga unplugs fishing aztec heron eternal initiate pact geometry yesterday fonts jellyfish intended losing plus jeopardy ungainly fishing germs fishing

Testnet Wallet: 9yUuagrJn9ASb3m81uDrweLGcuW4rYqsXZNEZwQGprakKkhZ8b7RrGc6uQWY3uGocygQoCN53uinEczYdu9Vfofx5ypQnTN

Testnet Explorer:

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Running Linux build from 0.9 source. Tested all commands under basic ‘help’ command. All responded normally. Sent and receive worked between two different wallets. Am also mining successfully and I see the random unlock times.