How to install Wowlet 3.1.0 on Linux?

Hi guys, I’m trying to install Wowlet version 3.1.0 for linux downloaded here
but I’m not succeeding 🫠 is there any guide?


Manual install

  • unzip
  • copy wowlet binary to bin folder (/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, or ~/.local/bin)
  • copy org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop to /usr/share/applications and wowlet.png to /usr/share/pixmaps
  • open wowlet from menu
  • to uninstall: delete .../bin/wowlet, /usr/share/applications/wowlet.desktop, ~/.config/wowlet and /usr/share/pixmaps/wowlet.png

This used to work for previous version, but the 3.0.0 had issue with my hardware and I got help here from the experts: Wowlet's Linux binary crashes on non-AVX machines - #16 by qvqc
3.1.0 is not working for me again. I guess it is the same issue. The CLI works perfect, though.