How to Enable the Gentoo Monero Overlay

The gentoo-monero overlay is a community-maintained Gentoo ebuild repository for Monero (and Wownero :dog2:) related software. It contains things like the Wownero daemon, Wownero wallet, and XMRig.

Enabling the Overlay

  1. Install eselect-repository, if you don’t have it already:

    emerge --noreplace eselect-repository
  2. Enable the gentoo-monero overlay:

    eselect repository enable monero
  3. Synchronise repository contents:

    emaint sync -r monero
  4. Unmask unstable ebuilds in the repository:

    echo '*/*::monero ~amd64' >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords

Install Software

emerge net-misc/xmrig-proxy
emerge net-misc/xmrig
emerge net-p2p/wownero


Software provided by the overlay should update as normal. Use emerge --sync and emerge --update --deep @world to update Wownero tools with the rest of your system.


net-misc/feather-wow has been added to the overlay :slight_smile: