How to Enable the Gentoo Monero Overlay

The gentoo-monero overlay is a community-maintained Gentoo ebuild repository for Monero (and Wownero :dog2:) related software. It contains things like the Wownero daemon, Wownero wallet, and XMRig.

Enabling the Overlay

  1. Install eselect-repository, if you don’t have it already:

    emerge --noreplace eselect-repository
  2. Enable the gentoo-monero overlay:

    eselect repository enable monero
  3. Synchronise repository contents:

    emaint sync -r monero
  4. Unmask unstable ebuilds in the repository:

    echo '*/*::monero ~amd64' >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords

Install Software

emerge net-misc/xmrig-proxy
emerge net-misc/xmrig
emerge net-p2p/wownero


Software provided by the overlay should update as normal. Use emerge --sync and emerge --update --deep @world to update Wownero tools with the rest of your system.


net-misc/feather-wow has been added to the overlay :slight_smile:

Thanks there,
Pretty interesiting this forum here!

Now I read on github that the guy stopped developing his App. Do people still use it?

Speaking of linux. I have a question. On some pools they suggest commands like this (see below)
Some info is redundant, isn’t it, since it is in the config file.
What command do you use in Linux?
Whats the " --tls-fingerprint and --pass" option for?

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xmrig -o -u 47wcnDjCDdjATivqH9GjC92jH9Vng7LCBMMxFmTV1Ybf5227MXhyD2gXynLUa9zrh5aPMAnu5npeQ2tLy8Z4pH7461vk6uo


xmrig --url --user YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --pass x --donate-level 1 --tls --tls-fingerprint 420c7850e09b7c0bdcf748a7da9eb3647daf8515718f36d9ccfdd6b9ff834b14

That’s me! :slight_smile: - It’s not an app but packages for Monero/Wownero software for the Gentoo Linux distribution.

You can choose between the config file or the command line options (or mix them together).

--tls-fingerprint is for authenticating the pool server when you use TLS (like HTTPS). It’s so that you can be sure you’re really talking to the pool, and not some hacker impersonating the pool.

--pass is sent to the pool as your password. Confusingly, most pools use this as a worker name (so that you can identify your miner on the stats page).

Best to ask more questions on the mining thread: Mining ⛏️ - #18 by mint

Happy to meet you. I will try out this overlay then.
You think on funtoo it works all the same like on gentoo (the original)?
Been using gentoo for 8 years.


I think that someone has moved most of the packages to Gentoo’s GURU, might be worth looking there too.

As for Funtoo, not sure. I would guess that it works just the same but I’ve never tried it.

Updated Wownero ebuild to :slight_smile: :dog: