How to edit the config.json for solo mining? Please give me an Example. Thanks

I don’t know how to edit the config.json for solo mining Wownero. Can you give me an example, show me how to edit the file?

You can just configure it on launch through a cmd prompt:

xmrig -o IP_ADDRESS:34568 --coin wownero -u YOUR_ADDRESS --spend-secret-key SPENDKEY --daemon

    "autosave": true,
    "cpu": true,
    "opencl": false,
    "cuda": false,
    "pools": [
                "algo": "rx/wow",
                "url": "",
                "spend-secret-key": "some-key",
                "user": "main wallet address",
                "daemon": true
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Hi @jrswab, can the “URL” be set to the value of an external node, such as one of the node URLs listed in Wowlet E.g. or any of these: wownero-nodes

Since you don’t have their spend key it won’t work. Those nodes are for syncing your wallet (except for the wownero-rpc-wallet which uses your local copy from wownerod)

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you have to run your own node (wownerod).

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Thanks for the answers @jrswab and @wowario.

Will there be an executable version of wownerod that runs under Windows OS?

I could only find version for Linux and MacOS at this location - Releases - wownero - WowGit!

Qual ser o comando para executar o wownerod e conectar a xmrig no windows?
basta clicar em cima do executavel wownerod ?
onde colocar as chaves no wownerod?
as chaves e endereços so precisar colocar no xmrig?

Qual é o comando para executar wownerod e conectar-se ao xmrig no Windows?

  1. Execute wonerod.exe e espere sincronizar a cadeia de blocos.
  2. Assim que estiver sincronizado, execute xmrig --secret-earn-key your-key-here ou adicione a chave ao arquivo de configuração na seção pools.

onde colocar as chaves no wownerod?

Você não. Se você está minerando diretamente para o wownerod, confira o post chamado “como minerar solo”

as chaves e endereços só precisam ser inseridos no xmrig?

Se você quiser usar o xmrig, sim.