How do I preserve my keys?

Hi ,

Due to some Big Sur BS , I suddenly am unable to open wowlet… I tried reinstalling and now wowlet icon has the “no” symbol saying file is damaged or incomplete…

I have tried 3 times now… I think I will now attempt to remove wowlet completely along with all of its extra paths and directories and what not , in order to try a fresh install … i dont know what else to do…

SO my question is what do I need to save so I dont lose my stash ? Is it just the wowlet.keys file or is there more ?

Any help would be great - thanks…

you should be able to restore your wallet with the 25 word seed. try using the command line wallet.

  1. start ./wownerod
  2. run ./wownero-wallet-cli --restore-from-seed
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Sorry but I am confused… I don’t know how to install the command line wallet…

This seems to be a permissions issue with BigSur fucking apple … many people have had this issue with many different apps…

So … I dunno what to do other than try to delete all the wowlet stuff and try a fresh install of it…

Do I need to save my wallet.keys file ? or any other file ? I mean I don’t understand … can I restore my wallet WITHOUT those wallet.keys files ? I am assuming that the “restore with seed phrase” option would still need access to a .dat or the wallet.keys file… ? Am I wrong ?

sorry im a music teacher and not so well-versed with the command line …

Thanks for your time…

No, you do not need the files, but back them up your wallet files anyway just in case.

With “restore with seed phrase” you only need to the 14 words that was promoted to you when you first created the wallet. If you did not write them down, I think you can download an earlier version of Wowlet to open the wallet. Try this one

This version does not work with the network since the code has changed since the last fork, but you might still be able to open your old wallet with it to get your seed. If you are able to open the wallet, click on “Wallet” -> “Seed” -> and then click on “Show 25 word seed”. Write down your 25 word seed and restore height.

With this you can restore your wallet on the web wallet. Go to

Click on register, enter your email and create a password, enter your 25 word seed in “Seed Phrase” and click on Restore from Seed.

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sorry panicked and misread !

ok - i was able to retrieve my 25 words… thanks !

I don’t know if I will try to use the webwallet for security reasons… maybe I will try to learn to install the command line wallet and use it…

There seem to be a lot of problems with macs and wowlet being had… do you know if this is a mac issue or wowlet issue and will it possibly be fixed in an update ? I am unable to enter homeland country because of covaids for a long time now and I am kinda stuck with my mac for the time being…

another question : if I have the 25 word seed saved somewhere and disappear for 3 years and get updated out of all hell or whatever, left behind on this and that , will this phrase be enough for me to show up in 2030 and claim my wow ?

thanks again …

It is something with Apple I guess. I am sure it will be eventually sorted out. For the time being, the most secure option is run the command line wallet. It is similar to how monero works. You can checkout this guide Monero tools | Monero - secure, private, untraceable

Yes, all you need is the 25 word seed to recover your wallet. It will work on any future updated wallets.

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If you really want to keep your seed safe, you could try buying a sheet of metal and an engraving tool. Much more reliable than a little flammable piece of paper.

(Also playing with tools is good fun)


In my understanding the seed works only with the particular wallet software, whereas the private spend key is universal. I’d engrave the private key in case the wallet stops existing somehow.

all you need is the 25 word seed. it will work on any past and future wallet.

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The seed from wowlet will work on the cli wallet or wownerujo? Plus, if dozen years pass and you forget your wallet password, it might be better to have your key instead. What say you?

yes, wowlet seed will work if you go to setting and get the full 25 word seed. The 14 seed is not supported in cli yet.


so you are affirming that the 25 word seed will work with the cli wallet , right ?

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Yes. 25 word seed is portable and every wallet should support it.

The 14 word Wowlet seed comes from Feather Wallet and has extra tricks like encoding the restore height into the seed.

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