Here's how we can get WOW added to - A privacy focussed open-source wallet

Hey WOWnero Community,

First of all, just want to say I love the Wowlet Desktop wallet!

Now with that said, I do think their is huge opportunity to expand awareness of the Wownero Project, it’s amazing Memes and bring NEW people into this vibrant ecosystem… the opportunity would be to have the $WOW available for deposit in other open-source privacy focussed wallets.

Once such wallet that I’ve just come across is

Their Github is: Releases · cypherstack/stack_wallet · GitHub

I just want to say, I’m not a programmer and I’m not sure how trustworthy the coders are on this project, but they do say it’s Open Source and I have run their .APK file through A CLASS Scanner tool called ClassyShark3xodus (before installing it) and 0 Trackers that been reported (see below)

I consider a good litmus test that they are serious about privacy.

From there website:

How can I get my coin of choice onto Stack Wallet?
Drop us a line on any of our social media accounts. We’re happy to talk with you and/or your community to see what we can do to bring your project to Stack Wallet.

Email them at -

If enough of the Wownero Community and Devs reach out to Stack Wallet, the higher the chance $WOW get’s added to their wallet.