Help with wallet and info on Mining please

Good evening,

I have featherwallet setup and im mining in a pool

Why do i have multiple receive address on feather? it says synchronised at the bottom left but none of the memes or links or anything seem to be working now.

are all the receive keys linked to the same wallet?

would anyone be able to send me small amount so I can test the wallet? I have to hit minimum of 10 coins to transfer on the pool I’m using and don’t want to waste time if it doesn’t work. been at it for a few hours couple days and hit just over 1 coin so far

I missed the boat back in the day with bitcoin and been looking into mining with cpu I’ve settled with WOW because I enjoy the memes and with Monero I was only getting around 1.5kH/s but with wow im getting around 2.1kH/s i know its probably pointless but just giving it a shot.

running it on a 4600h laptop around 88°C and it gets toastie ![temps|411x491]temps

is it safe to run my poor little laptop like this all day?


the multiple receive addresses are subaddresses. all the addresses are linked to the same wallet. make sure you have saved the wallet’s seed just in case you want to restore the wallet later.

the memes and links will come up in the next update.

you can get 1 free WOW from this faucet: FreeBitcoins - Free Bitcoins and Altcoins Faucet | Bitcoin

i guess you could try one of those laptop cooling pads or an external fan.

you can, but ideally, to improve privacy, you do not want to use the same subaddress more than once.

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