🚨 Hashrate centralisation alert

skypool.org has found 70 of the last 100 blocks. not good!

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Reopening this, HeroMiners are currently 43% of the known hashrate :frowning:

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What can we do? This seems similar to Monero and MineXMR

  • If you’re a miner on HeroMiners, mine elsewhere.
  • If you’re mining on another pool, pat yourself on the back.
  • If you’re not mining, but you’re interested and have a decent CPU in your processor, start mining :slight_smile:

Yes it is :frowning: - I’m not sure if MineXMR has ever gotten to such a high percentage of the Monero nethash though.

dont worry fam, i gotcha

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Is it still this much centralized or is the problem fixed?

it is still a problem.


the two top pool are from China and make up over 70% the network hash. We are as bad as Bitcoin.

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Oh that’s bad!
I think the best way to change this issue would possibly be some sort of public announcement aside from this forum. Maybe in dedicated mining forums and chat groups where people that mine and learn how to mine various coins come together!?

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The problem is that nobody cares :frowning:

People mining to profit switching pools are happy to earn a few percent extra by hopping onto smaller coins and wrecking them.

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Started yesterday at https://wowne.ro/

I think it has to do with the pool fee and the minimum amount to be paid out.