Hardware wallets

I noticed that the Wownero coinpaprika page says “hardware wallet: no” and this is very upsetting. Is anyone interested in getting hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S and Trezor working with WOW?

After having a quick skim over the source for Ledger’s Monero app I don’t think that it would be too much trouble getting it to work with WOW, I think we would just need to change a couple of constants.

The hard part would probably be getting the app listed in Ledger Live :slight_smile:.

Even though I have a Ledger Nano S, I don’t use it. It’s just a bit cumbersome. I prefer an encrypted USB thumb drive, or similar.

If I somehow pwn your computer, I can steal all of your WOWs when you go to spend them if the wallet files are stored on a memory stick. I can’t if all of the keys and signing happens elsewhere.

sir hacking is illegal and I will report you to the cyber police. In addition, I still prefer cold storage on a laptop that’s not connected to the internet. Offline signing. It’s the future.

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airgapped laptop is probably the best way to go, but i like my shiny device