Halving - when?

What is a halving schedule for Wownero? I think it was explained in white paper on wownero.org, but this PDF is blank now.

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Never. Unlike most coins, Wownero has a smooth supply and block reward. Block reward will reach 0 WOW after ~50 years (in the year 2068).
You can calculate it like this:

Block Reward = (Max Supply - Already Generated Coins) / (2^24)
where the max supply is 2^64-1 atomic units (184 467 440 wow)


PS: The whitepaper at wownero.org has always been white.


Wownero white paper - that’s a good one! haha. Maybe it was for the other coin then ;).
Thanks for explanation.


Thanks for the answer @_xxfedexx

This is yet another reasons why I :heart: Wownero - Simplicity at it’s core. Simply WOW!

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