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Hi All,

Is there any good guides for a step by step feather wallet install or paper wallet creation, Its very difficult with limited experience to navigate these things haha!


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feather download isn’t available atm

think these steps to use paper wallet

you can try cli too, involves some reading and typing


Cant figure out this wallet generator, I can’t seem to open after extracting… using winrar

You should be able to use it by double clicking on the .html file, it will open up in your browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox).

Thanks, managed to get the page up, now silently pondering over this statement. “Custom entropy for deterministic wallet (leave empty to use the browser’s PRNG)”. But I’m feeling rather certain I don’t want to be bogged down with a prefix :sweat_smile:

so I believe I have my paper wallet generated and safe. Would I be wrong in thinking the best way to know its active and functional would be to send a small amount to the wallet and check the transaction ID to make sure its verified against the block online? Then presumably I can sleep soundly knowing my wow is safe until the idiot proof interfaces are launched

You could use something like a dice roll to fill in that box :smiley:. But it’s okay to leave it empty, your browser has a cryptographically secure PRNG.

You could do that, but it wouldn’t be very helpful. The wallet is definitely working, it’s just a couple of very big numbers.

I would just double check that you have the seed written down correctly by restoring it (maybe to an offline computer) and making sure the address is exactly the same as the one you’ve written down.


what would be the best option for a complete newbie to do this with?

You could just download the latest version of the wallet software for your computer and run it like this:

./wownero-wallet-cli --offline --restore-from-seed

which says to ask for a seed but to not bother syncing up. It will print the wallet address after you’ve entered the seed.

If you’re feeling paranoid you could do this on a live USB like Tails or the Ubuntu installer with your network unplugged/WiFi off (but it’s just fun meme money so don’t worry).

yeah I’m looking to try and run any kind of swiss level of secrecy on this.

I’m trying to wrap my head around the basic functioning of the tools but I have 0 coding/computing experience so it still feels like I can’t quite tread the waters just yet.

also still currently trying to work around the fact win10 seems to be blocking any wallet with mining facilities :triumph:

in fact the reason I ended up looking into the paper wallet was because I couldn’t get my computer to actually download a wallet for this or the new monero download…

I clearly have much to learn

Yeah they share some code with miners which can end up with anti-viruses flagging them as miners. There’s not much you can do other than add it to the whitelist of your AV :frowning:

Where are the instructions? I don’t already know how to install and use the CLI, I’ve been trying to find documentation and can’t. My WOW is in the Wowlite wallet which I found out last night doesn’t work anymore. Feather says on the download page that the system requirements are Mac 10 and above, my system meets that with 10.14.6. But when I try to run Feather it tells me that I need 10.15 - no can do. At this point I just want access to my WOW so I can sell it and buy Monero instead so I don’t have to deal with this hassle.