Getting rid of centralized pools, time for p2pool?

Congrats Wownero team for getting rid of centralized pools. I’ve long been saying they are a problem for every POW coin. I’m glad you are taking a stand.

That said, solo mining is very tough on the little guy. He generally takes his marbles and goes to another blockchain with a mining pool because he can’t find any blocks.

So I was wondering if any thought has been given to integrating p2pool (or something similar) into the wownero core software?

I think this would give the best of both worlds and could be a big cryptocurrency innovation: small miners can get paid rewards directly from the full node software, out of the box. This capability, plus the requirement that miners must run a full node should provide a strong incentive for running full nodes, which increases the networks strength, hashpower, decentralization, and resistance to attacks of all kinds.

In an ideally fair system, miners would be paid out each block exactly according to (my_work / total_work) * total_reward. So if I submit only 1 share, I should receive 1 / total_shares_submitted reward. Now that might not be presently feasible (requires micropayments or such) but anyway, I think it is a good goal to keep in mind when designing such a system.

p2pool is not itself an ideally fair system, but it is a starting point and is better than solo mining in terms of variance. Or maybe something better could be invented without requiring a separate sharechain, as p2pool does.

what do y’all think?

This sounds like a really nice idea, and a good middle ground rather than just switching to solo mining only.

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i like the idea of p2pool mining. it was proposed for Bitcoin many years ago, but financial interests and the “pool lobby” derailed any progress towards the goal of better decentralized network security.

the problem is finding someone with enough skill to implement it. perhaps we can open a WFS bounty to try fund development.


That would be a good idea. Given pool dominance is something all POW coins struggle with, it likely requires considerable skill/knowledge.

Well I’m new to the community but I feel this would be a true innovation and well worth establishing a bounty.

Well this is exciting…

There is not enough evidence to rule out the presence of large pools, as it has been increasing non-stop for a few days. Everything would indicate that these significant amounts of hash power are only handled by large pools, a pity that the fork was not effective in its main objectives, which was to allow solo mining without the presence of large pool groups.

yep! decentralized mining is the main goal. if p2pool on monero does pan out, we would need to fork again and adjust or remove the miner signature thing.

since we just recently did a fork, it is probably best if we wait a few months. at least until Triptych is ready.