is a great alternative to is looking to build up our liquidity for Wownero for both buyers and sellers of Wownero.

You can find our Wownero exchange here:

The exchange works wonderfully, most withdrawal are instant, and there is no KYC.

Please at me any questions! Thanks!!!


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Thanks for listing Wownero!!! o7


Our pleasure!

Thanks for not deleting our post! :stuck_out_tongue:

the swap feature is awesome! needs more wow volume tho

Swap is a really awesome tool, but it’s hella dangerous too at the moment.

Swap plugs directly into the books on the exchange, so if the exchange liquidity is low… then swap is as well. The more orders on the books at the exchange… the bigger the trades the swap tool can handle. It’s all really practical and transparent, no magic.

Swap basically is just a “market trade” tool for people that don’t want to make an account.

It should also be noted that privacy people can avoid using the Javascript on our website by directly using our API’s.

Swap API: freebitcoins.c om/swap/api.html

Exchange API: github.c om/FreeBitcoins-com/docs

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Lol thanks for restoring our post, I thought it was ironic that we got deleted right after I said thanks for not deleting us! haha <3

It’s an automatic spam prevention thing because your links appeared too many times :slight_smile:

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Ops, noted! Sorry about that and thank you.