Error code 500 when login to WowGit

I am a newbie. Why is there no login form?

The login is handled by and you’re already logged in there, since you’re posting on the forums, so it should JustWork(c)™.

However, due to an upgrade of WowGit we have some issues with people trying to log in. It is (unfortunately) resolved by clearing the client-side cookies in your browser.

Still getting an issue with logging in.

Cleared cookies
Logged in through
Error 500
Automatically logged into the forums.

Any idea for a fix?

does this also happen with a new private window instance?

I can confirm this also happens in private browser tab.

Did you previously already have an account over at

I’m afraid I will have to look into it manually with the help of the person who has account issues so I can capture the error on the server side as it happens.

So whenever you’re available, please come to IRC, #wownero on OFTC. We might catch each other online and then we can look into it.

I am in the IRC channel when you are ready.

if you are logged in on the forum, can you goto Sign In - WowGit! and click the doge? this logs me in

Nop, won’t do a thing.

I made a forum thread about it :slight_smile:

try logging in on then clicking dogeloaf? or same nothing?