E Verification failure

What’s Wrong?
Height: 335380/335380 (100.0%) on mainnet, not mining, net hash 45.36 MH/s, v19, 12(out)+22(in) connections, uptime 0d 8h 4m 26s
2021-07-16 21:56:37.051 E Verification failure
2021-07-16 22:36:34.776 I ----- BLOCK ADDED AS ALTERNATIVE ON HEIGHT 335485
2021-07-16 22:36:34.776 I id: <28702e0e373ecbdd403871b6b2373d25cffff8f9756c138ad1f6a6153298232d>
2021-07-16 22:36:34.776 I PoW: <127b86d2f8f4329ccee25cf5d9b0a3aacc032dd5963176fd8dcf4f0400000000>
2021-07-16 22:36:34.776 I difficulty: 13096490989
2021-07-16 22:37:45.643 I ###### REORGANIZE on height: 335485 of 335485 with cum_difficulty 2230721894968999
2021-07-16 22:37:45.643 I alternative blockchain size: 2 with cum_difficulty 2230734998326748
2021-07-16 22:37:45.796 I ----- BLOCK ADDED AS ALTERNATIVE ON HEIGHT 335485
2021-07-16 22:37:45.797 I id: <7d842e85c8d11beda3ec6e543162f66f4eb7d9f8d2a29f2bf84bdff936bf04da>
2021-07-16 22:37:45.797 I PoW:
2021-07-16 22:37:45.797 I difficulty: 13096490989
2021-07-16 22:37:46.042 I REORGANIZE SUCCESS! on height: 335485, new blockchain size: 335487

I saw the exact same message it shouldn’t be anything to be concerned about if you’re worried about your mining.

There were two chains competing; the longest chain won and two blocks of the other chain were orphaned. It is normal. This is how blockchains work.

2021-07-17 04:34:31.063 E failed to find tx meta: (will only print once)
2021-07-17 05:19:46.634 W Background mining controller thread started
2021-07-17 05:19:47.034 I background mining is enabled, but not started, waiting until start triggers
2021-07-17 05:19:56.634 E couldn’t query power status from /sys/class/power_supply
2021-07-17 10:01:01.336 E Verification failure
2021-07-17 10:01:36.585 E Verification failure

Maybe it’s just the fact i had smart mining on by mistake but I dont see anything relating to another blockchain, Could this mean that the blocks I made where rejected?

smart background mining currently does not work and should be disabled.

How will i know if I get a block while mining with xmrig proxy?

When it periodically lists information you can see it shows shares: 0/0 +0 etc…
When you actually find a block it will show 1/0 + 1.
Next time it lists information it will show +0 again but it will still say 1/0.

You will also see the pending balance in your wallet with a 288 confirmation unlock time.

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