Default to smaller usable units

each wownero contains 100000000000 usable units but by default we only display wow as singular units like 1.00000000000. by moving the default decimal place we can gain some usability, as whole numbers are preferable to work with. now we could move the decimal down all the way leaving us with 100,000,000,000 units per wow… but this runs into issues with the fee structure. we would be left with lots of dust and many transactions would cost more then the value of the send. so its better that we move this over time

for example: as wow reaches $1 we prepare to move the default decimal 3 places, so we get 1,000 units per wow. this puts the suggested denomination above the current fee and will help us avoid dusty wallets. we probably would not want to consider a move like this again until wow is closer to $1000 per

possible unit structure (an alternative to monero structure which has 12 zeros instead of 11)

|   verywow     
|   |   muchwow   
|   |   |   suchwow
|   |   |   |
1,000,000,000.00 <- last two could be 'dust'

if you would like to test and see what this would look like you can build
qvqc/wownero: much wow - wownero - WowGit!

and when running wownero-wallet-cli with wallet loaded, enter
set unit verywow

this is not a hardfork change and does not require you to participate to use your wow, the network/rpc will always operate on 100000000000unit per wow the way it is now. this change is cosmetic. it will increase usability for users just getting in who might want to have fun with or share wow but avoid such because its ‘too expensive’. seeing this as a positive for tipping, gaming, and gifting. please post your thoughts below


Why stop at shifting the decimal point? We could use the Tonal number system :slight_smile:

qvqc pls send me a wownero-bong (0.00000001 WOW)

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