Damsel in distress! Coins not showing in wallet

But I’m actually a dude, seemingly just incompetent. I have seen this issue appear previously but those threads did not resolve the issue.

I sent my favorite 10 WOW coins from Trade Ogre to the feather wallet in March. They sort of showed up and then disappeared, reappeared in history when I reopened the wallet and then totally disappeared. I tried to reset height but being a 14 seed wallet I seemingly wasn’t able to do that. So I figured I’d try again later.

So here we are. I have the deleted the old and updated to the newest WOWlet as of today. Let it sync up and still nothing. Others posted the info below. Yes green dot in bottom RH corner.

WOWlet version: beta-4-0a819b8c6
Wownero version: v0.10.0.1-a5b93c841
Wallet height: 360829
Daemon height: 360829
Target height: 360829
Restore height: 293746
Synchronized: True
Remote node: idontwanttogototoronto.wow.fail:34568
Wallet status: Connected
Tor status: Running
Websocket status: Connected
Network type: MAINNET
Seed type: 14 word
View only: False
Primary only: True
Operating system: Windows 10 Version 2009
Timestamp: 1634031125

Help would be much appreciated, help bring ma favorite wee coins home.

Yo Damsel

Have a look through this thread from this post onwards, a similar problem with a similar solution:

Did you send those precious WOW from TradeOgre to a ‘WW’ wallet? That is a subaddress of your primary account.
I believe that when you restore your wallet it defaults to show only the primary address but if you follow the steps in the thread you should be able to go through and reveal your balance.

It does require you to use the command line wallet available here:

As long as you sent those Wow to a valid subaddress you should be able to reveal them. good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Note: it’s fine to use a subaddress for transfers, and usually good opsec to use a fresh address for a fresh transfer. This is more an issue at the client end not showing the available funds until they’re ‘revealed’. Perhaps this issue will be resolved in a later wallet.