Complete alt coin beginner, how to?


i was following this tutorial on how to buy wownero coins
and im a little confused, would anyone be kind enough to help me understand by answering a few questions?

is using is the way to go?
just transfer some funds to trade tradeogre from coinbase?
and then what? it stays on the tradeogre account until i sell it or i transfer it back to coinbase?

i just want to buy a few $thousands worth and hope to see it shoot to the stars.
no interest in mining or anything else

i cannot understand most of the posts on this forum, everything seems way too technical for my comfort level.

thank you for your help!

Keeping money on tradeogre is almost as safe as leaving it with a stranger on twitter.

Before sending a large amount to yourself check that you are comfortable to recover your seed. Take your time and experiment with small amounts. If you mess up key storage no one can help you. :skull_and_crossbones:

  • get wowlet ( Releases - wowlet - WowGit! )
  • create a wallet
  • write word seed down in some safe place
  • copy receive address from wowlet
  • withdraw coins from ogre to address
  • :rocket: :full_moon:
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thank you for the info and breakdown.

one more question; anyone has some good yt links/channel to recommend to help ease the transition?