Can't win a reward

Hello guys, I have about 300KH/S computing power, but I haven’t won in 3 days.
I use wowstash as wallet and use below format to mine in background. Is there any solutions?

Format: ./wownerod --seed-node --start-mining [Wallet address] --spendkey [SpendKey] --mining-threads 8 --log-file wownerod.log --detach

winning a block is totally random. every day, there are 288 blocks up for grabs. It can take a few days or over a month to win a reward.

Hello colleague, welcome. I don’t know what your mining setup is like, but humbly with my experience, I have less hash power than your miners, I have achieved good performance. It is true that the estimates to achieve a block are not very predictable. In my experience I have noticed a significant improvement mining with xmrig by running a full node on each miner with wownerod and then running the mining tasks with the latest version of xmrig without a proxy. At least once a day I restart the node and also xmrig, depending on the temperature of the chips it is also possible to do a complete restart if necessary. In this way I have noticed improvements in performance. I can’t tell you exactly what factor introduces performance improvement, but I definitely noticed it when I started mining with xmrig and leaving wownerod as a node alone.

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minimal text for CONFIG.JSON (XMRIG 6.13 -NO PROXY)

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“autosave”: true,
“cpu”: true,
“opencl”: false,
“cuda”: false,
“pools”: [
“algo”: “rx/wow”,
“url”: “”,
“spend-secret-key”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpriv key here”,
“user”: “wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwallet here”,
“daemon”: true