Can we do any "Yield Farming" with WOWX tokens?

Hi fellow Wownerds,

I joined the Wownero project to learn how to set up a CPU miner using XMrig and initially cut my teeth on Pool Mining. Then had to learn about Solo Mining and using Xmrig Proxy.

Needless to say, my learning adventures with Wownero and this community has been amazing thus far and special thanks to many in this forum who’ve helped me on my journey.

I’ve been ‘Spinning the Wheel’ and got lucky a few times and have earnt some WOW. I read thru the excellent post by @wowario - Wownero Rewards on Avalanche network and locked up some $WOW to mint some WowneroX tokens.

I’ve heard about “yield farming”, is this something we can do with WOWX?
If so, please outline the process is as I’m keen to learn how to “farm” so to speak.

WOWX is a standard ERC-20 token like any other, so it can be technically “farmed”, but unfortunately, it appears there hasn’t been much interest in toying with DeFi and NFTs using WOW as an underlying asset. The infrastructure is there, the tokens have been minted, and transferred to a multi-sig wallet. If anyone in the community wants to run with it, it is ready to go.

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