Can have multiple solo mining using one wallet address?

Hi is it possible to use one wallet address for multiple mining machine ?? do it will reduce my chance to get blocks ?? do i will get the same chance to win a block if compared if i am using proxy-xmrig ??

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Yes it is, as long as you use the correct spendkey when using xmrig-proxy, and as long as you use the correct wallet+spendkey, if you mine directly to the daemon.

Nothing besides extra hashes will increase your chance to win blocks. More hashes = more chance. It doesnt matter if you have 10pc with 1000hs each, or 1 with 10.000hs. Chances are the same.

And it certainly does NOT matter if you are using xmrig-proxy, since this will just collect all your hashes into 1 worker, so they are easier to control.

So, only hashes increases your chances.

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hi thank you for your reply, if i am not using proxy-xmrig, lets say i have 10 PC, every pc have their own wownerod and xmrig, and 10 of them not connect to each other, can i use 1 wallet address for all 10 of them ?? or is it better 1 address wallet for each PC ??

Both are fine in terms of mining chances, although Iโ€™d still strongly recommend xmrig-proxy to avoid headaches with running multiple instances of wownerod.

Thereโ€™s a (remote?) chance that two of your PCs can find a block at around the same time and you only get to keep one, but that chance is likely the same whether you use the same address on all PCs or not.

The risk in using the same address is that an attacker only needs to break into any one of your PCs to get your entire wallet; you can mitigate this by immediately transferring all rewards to a different wallet. Keep in mind that this mitigation only helps before your mining wallet is breached. After a breach, an attacker can easily transfer any future rewards that wallet receives.