Buying Wownero (a few questions)

Hey guys :wink:
I’m interested in buying Wownero since I heared from this coin on The Crypto Vigilante and on MoneroTalk/MoneroTopia. Please address the questions directly and stay on the topic. Thank you

1: Which is the best way to buy WOW anonymously?

2: Is there a way to buy it directly with fiat?

3: Which Wownero supporting exchanges, are the cheapest regarding fees and can be recommended?

4: Is there an Hardware-wallet that officially supports Wownero or has announced to do so in the near future?

Wownero rocks!

  1. sell drugs for $WOW or meme on
  2. find a local wow buddy, P2P
  3. $XMR->$WOW or $BTC->$WOW
  4. nope. hardware-wallets are pointless.

I use a VPN because I’m US based and Opera (which has it built in flip of a switch and I’m in the “EU” as far as fixedfloat .com knows).

Swap Lightning Network BTC for Monero at a 0.5% float/1.0% fixed rate. Enter amount of sats I wanna send and the Monero will automatically come up with a dollar value on top of the swap table to make sure its correct. Submit your monero address you want to receive XMR at and hit the submit button.

The next page gives you a countdown of 10-30 min or so to scan a QR code to send your LN Bitcoin to, scan from my iOS Wallet of Satoshi and it sends my LN sats instantly the site also receives and updates its received those sats instantly.

A few steps (confirmations) later (no more than 10 min) and I have XMR at the monero address I provided.

Then I too go to and exchange XMR for WOW, which I store in the feather-wow wallet. It is the cheapest way (fee wise) I’ve found to get from fiat to LN sats to WOW (via XMR and LN Bitcoin - received/swapped for XMR/XMR-sent and then swapped for WOW).