Building / Compiling XMRIG [last step]

Hello @all

Now little question about building xmrig from the github files.
I am not that familiar with compiling. A little bit, though, since I am a gentoo user. But here’s the newbie question:

I successfully built it and my binary “xmrig” is in


However, my config File, the config.jason is in

Now do I need to copy my ready binary somewhere? Maybe one directorty “upwards”?
Or copy irt into the usual BIN folder, like /usr/share ?

Please help me with this basic procedure, since in common compiling HowTos I don’t see these post-building steps. Thanks!

Mr B

you just need the binary and it maybe creates the config if it does not exist?

maybe easier to launch it with some flags than make config (set pool and address)
./xmrig -o -u Wo3MWeKwtA918DU4c69hVSNgejdWFCRCuWjShRY66mJkU2Hv58eygJWDJS1MNa2Ge5M1WjUkGHuLqHkweDxwZZU42d16v94mP -p mint -a rx/wow --cpu-priority 0

thanks for the tipp. Already using the command with falgs and thought itt might be “cleaner” or more comfortable to use a actual config file. See:

sudo ./xmrig --url --user WW2…–pass NAME --donate-level 1 --tls --tls-fingerprint 420c7850e09b7c0bdcf748a7da9eb3647daf8515718f36d9ccfdd6b9ff834b14

Plus: using the CPU priority may be a good idea
THANKS so far.

If you really want to, you can copy the binary to /usr/local/bin.

By default XMRig looks for config jason in the current working directory (wherever you have cd'd), you can use the -C flag to make it look somewhere else. e.g. xmrig -C /etc/xmrig.json.