Anyone here a Youtuber? New Solo Mining Youtube Tutorials?

Just wondering if anyone here is a youtuber and if they plan on making any new tutorials updated for the new solo mining fork? I am a TOTAL NOOB to mining and i’m sure there are many others like me who would like to mine. I followed this guide How to Solo Mine and messed something up somewhere because I got an error msg saying “not mining”. Did get the daemon up and running though so thats good.

  1. make sure you have downloaded the latest version (v0.10) Releases - wownero - WowGit!

  2. get your wallet’s address and secret spend key

  3. open command prompt, change directories to location of wownero files

  4. enter command: wownerod.exe --start-mining YOUR-ADDRESS --spendkey SECRET-SPENDKEY --mining-threads NUMBER

  5. type status to check your hash rate and network status

Sorry to bother you with this. I followed your directions as best I could. Also followed the directions in “HOW TO SOLO MINE” … BUT … I keep getting this msg in the Command Prompt: “unknown command” C:Users\Name\Downloads\Wownero"
Use “help” to list all commands and their usage.

I am dragging the unextracted file into the command prompt just as the HOW TO SOLO MINE guide says. Is that what you mean when you say: “open command prompt, change directories to location of wownero files” ?

It says I am now synced to the network. and I may now start wownero-wallet-cli.

So its great im synced, but just can’t activate mining.

As I said im a TOTAL NOOB, never even mined before but just got a custom computer to get started. Thanks for your patience and assistance.

Once you are synced run the command wownerod.exe --start-mining Your-wallet-address-here --spend-key your-spend-key-here --threads your-desired threads-here

FYI… I’ve not run the Windows version and am going of what I know from running wownerod on Linux so double check with the how to guide to make sure the command is correct.

2 unzip
3 execute wownerod.exe
4 wait until it synchronized.
5 download xmrig-6.13.1-gcc-win64
6 unzip
7 create text file wow.cmd
xmrig -a rx/wow -o -u MYWALET --donate-level=0 --asm=intel --cpu-priority 0 -t 8 --randomx-mode=fast --spend-secret-key MYSPENDKEY --daemon

Hey I just made a video about this, I made a guide for hive os and windows 10 in one video:

I hope you find it useful for your solo mining adventures :smiley: